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Verdi: Nabucco – Overture Berliner Philharmoniker & Herbert von Karajan

Verdi: Nabucco – Overture Berliner Philharmoniker & Herbert von Karajan.


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11 Kommentare

  1. Alicia Dupres 09/09/2013

    Verdi would be astonished!

  2. Micha Davis 22/09/2013

    horrible start in the low brass.the chord in 0.09 should be a C# major not minor!!!why didn't they fix it in the recording?

  3. Timo Heim 22/10/2013

    I think it's brave to call a record by Berliner Philharmoniker "horrible".
    I checked the score, because 0:09 sounded alright to me an I have to say: It has to be C# major and not minor, BUT IT IS C# MAJOR on the recording!
    What you might hear as an minor chord is the change from E-Major to C#-Major from first to second phrase.
    So please check first and comment afterwards.

  4. miriam tomponzi 05/09/2014

    Berliner Philharmoniker by Herbert von Karajan always the best!

  5. Andrea Dobetti 04/07/2015

    0:35 why so fast the /32 as they were /64 ?? not good. instead of written /32 (and so Toscanini) Karajan and other conductors add a /32 pause, then 4 notes as /64. doing so, what the amelioraments to Verdi score? What Verdi wrote ( /32 ) was not enough good?
    then I agree that at 0:09 the chord sounds strange, i.e. I never heard this chord here, with all other conductors. Also Karajan is wrong because he allows the third trombone to play E instead of the written E# (ok at 0:22 ) Micha Davis is right!

  6. OptimusPrimFitness 04/12/2015

    That is how it is supposed to be played at 0:09. My high school orchestra is playing this right now. My directors thought it sounded funny as well but that is exactly how it is supposed to be.

  7. Ana Bujic 12/03/2018

    Heroism. My respect, Maestro!

  8. C M 28/12/2018

    Doesn't sound right


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