Russland Sanktionen: "Noch so ein Sieg, und wir sind verloren!"

Va Pensiero (From Nabucco by G.Verdi) cover by Chorale de Kigali conducted by Loic Felix

Va pensiero is also commonly referred to as the „Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves“ from opera Nabucco by Giuseppe Verdi.


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20 Kommentare

  1. Tuyisenge Prosper 28/10/2019

    wow best sounds!! God bless you!!

  2. Tuyizere Anicet 29/10/2019

    Wow. May God bless your voices

  3. Ines Rub 29/10/2019

    It was amazing! Kudos to you CDK

  4. Marie Chantal Uwiragiyet8sv9 30/10/2019

    Good job guys👍🏼Germaine arihe? Ijwi rye rirabuze pe

  5. Carlo Iacopucci 17/11/2019

    Bravi 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  6. Carlo Iacopucci 17/11/2019

    Una bellissima interpretazione!!!!!

  7. radente1 21/12/2019

    There's the wrong flag behind de choir.

  8. Miguel Conesa Osuna 17/02/2020

    Excellent voices and a great interpretation of this operatic classic…

  9. Germaine UT 21/05/2020

    What an outstanding execution by Chorale de Kigali! Thanks to Loic and Elodie👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  10. Lena 29/06/2020

    Je chante avec toi Liberté

  11. marvin silverman 18/07/2020

    they know classical music???

  12. Claudine Uwamariya 24/09/2020

    Uyu mu pianist ndamwemera cyane !!

  13. Richard Logan 02/12/2021

    IVa Pensiero has to be sung with real passion; otherwise,it just doesn't work. The people of Rwanda have every reason to sing this powerful piece with real feeling. And the Chorale de Kigale really gets it. The result is a beautful and moving — and very special –performance/


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