Russland Sanktionen: "Noch so ein Sieg, und wir sind verloren!"

Tommy Emmanuel-House Of The Rising Sun

TE plays his awsome version of the song; lisinski concert hall in croatia, zagreb. another youtube song 😀


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23 Kommentare

  1. Akane Cortich 14/09/2015

    They are not CAPS LOCKS big enough to praise Tommy's talent.
    Way off the awesome scale.

  2. J C 17/01/2016

    omg awesome…unbelievable!!!

  3. John Metcalf 04/02/2016

    A Beacon in the night where no other light can shine. Show us the way Tommy!!

  4. Eldaras Arbačauskis 12/03/2016

    Nuostabus Žmogus ,daug darbo idėjas gitaros valdymui, gitaros valdovas ,virtuozas ,super

  5. Tim Cook 09/05/2016

    We should all be truly thankful that this man picks among us in this life. Master is simply not the right word. Thank you TE!

  6. ctrltomoh 02/12/2017

    my favourite version of tommy's take on this song

  7. Renz 17/09/2018

    how accoustic guitar can ever be played better than that seriously !

  8. Sweet&SourPork 25/01/2019

    The truly amazing thing about Tommy isn't just the complex fingering skills, just listen to that perfect volume control. And that Groove in the solo Wow! I used to think he was just a copy cat but he really does take it to the next level and above

  9. Jason Kemp 13/06/2019

    7 years past I'm still here watching this and yet still cant play it like him 🙂

  10. Martin Martin 08/01/2020

    You sing like me maybe worse. The only change is that you play 1000x more than me.

  11. Benny Fata 10/02/2020

    Too bad the audio was unplugged!

  12. Peter Nemeth 24/05/2020

    He actually sings quite good though.

  13. Sweet&SourPork 06/07/2020

    where can we find a proper recording of this? or video

  14. Fiery Jack 24/12/2020

    Sheer brilliance! His groove and rhythym are amazing!!!

  15. spiderweb 03/05/2021

    This guy is a fucking monster. Holy fuck!!!!!!

  16. Eternelle Pensée 16/02/2022

    Still the best, 2021 speaking.

  17. Daniel Gaddis 20/02/2022

    Man he is just freaking good


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