Russland Sanktionen: "Noch so ein Sieg, und wir sind verloren!"

The Green Berets – (Lord) Send Me Somebody.wmv



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  1. Laine McCormick 10/01/2012

    Thanks a million! This brings back so many youthful memories!

  2. joan davis 04/05/2013

    OMG! I cannot believe you knew/had this song. None of my family or friends seemed to remember it except me. It brought tears to my eyes. I used to sing the mess out of this song. Big props to you for this one for real.

  3. Clifford Frazier 12/12/2014

    Hi everybody, Cliff Frazier first tenor of the Green Berets,
    I just wanted to give a serious thank you for enjoying our first efforts. Pass it on.
    Don't forget we are the same group (The Velvet Hammer) that sang Happy)

  4. adam thompson 20/07/2015

    This GREAT JOINT should have been in the TOP TEN!!!!!!

  5. Charles McBurnette 07/01/2016

    a one hit wonder can't play it just once sounds like the stairsteps

  6. XaQaRa EquinoX 09/06/2016

    Had forgotten all about this 'gem' until yesterday – when I saw the name of the tune…Brain went, seems familiar ???  ..and IT WAS !! Oh my, now I have to hear it like 10xs in a row !!  Did I dance off this tune many moons ago !

  7. Bobbie Ramirez 13/06/2016

    Hey "Wow"  all me right there

  8. Cassandra Chisolm 20/01/2017

    WOW! Finally, after all these years… I found it!

  9. Shaun Tierney 10/08/2017

    Enough to bring this grown man to his knees. 👍👍

  10. acrucker 08/05/2018

    Another Masterpiece for future generations to enjoy!  Thank you,  Green Berets!

  11. Annette Stockett 21/05/2018

    They remind me of the Five Stairsteps. This song sounds like something they would sing.

  12. Just Steve 22/06/2020

    "Produced by Andre Williams." I'm sold without ever hearing the record. How 'bout you?

  13. susann - Lee Vaelisalo 29/07/2020


  14. Cynthia Ireland 14/11/2020

    One of my favorites!! I love it!!❤

  15. Rafael Viafranco 05/03/2021

    Niiiiiice…way to begin my weekend.. sweet sounds of a simpler time… love the classics…😎🤙🤙🎭

  16. Lawrence Dorfman 11/03/2021

    Ron another super fantastic song, lead and group TYVM OLDE-BUDDY.

  17. Roberta Lozano 07/12/2021

    What a song ! Still have 45. Memories! If I recall there is a great flipside.

  18. Jessica Mccaroll 17/01/2022

    I Lord I deserve somebody faithful and real

  19. Emerson Nickens 27/02/2022

    Remind me of the LL train in Brooklyn years ago,pretty slim babe sitting by her self listening to this song 🎵 on her transmitter radio 📻 back then YO!


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