Russland Sanktionen: "Noch so ein Sieg, und wir sind verloren!"

The Ballad Of The Green Berets – SSgt Barry Sadler Song By: Jaycee

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4 Kommentare

  1. Jackson Danger 24/02/2022

    Great song Jaycee! You sing really well. Glad I stumbled across this! I also got the courage some months ago to put some of my songs on YouTube so finding other originals like this one is always cool and inspiring to me. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Linda Daly 24/02/2022

    I am sitting here crying as I hear your rendition I have listened to that song so much and yes, it is me who made the request in memory of my late John who himself was wounded there. like Barry Sadler. He, like Staff Sergeant Sadler also got a Black Belt. John's part in Viet naum was commander of the only 4 Flame Throwers tanks there. Also, taken prisoner, he spent a night down in one of the underground tunnels., got free and spent the night naked (clothes taken from him) crawling back to his line. in the middle of a fire exchange. Never did he brag about anything he did but served because that is what he was, tough & tender when required. So, after hearing so many of your songs and how well you do them, I asked if you would give this Ballad a try and Wow! I could not believe how great you did. It sounds just like the original. I will be sharing this with family and friends who knew my John. Thank You, Jaycee, I will treasure your gift of the song. Thank You.

  3. Miguel Cornejo 26/02/2022

    Otro acierto amigo Jaycee, saludos

  4. Linda Daly 03/03/2022

    Can't seem to get enough of this son. Thank you so much Jacee for your excellent version. Love it.


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