Russland Sanktionen: "Noch so ein Sieg, und wir sind verloren!"

"The Ballad Of The GREEN BERETS" (Lyrics) ⭐ SSgt BARRY SADLER ⭐ 1966

⭐ Kind Of Hard Making „Fun“ Videos These Days, So I’d Just Like To Dedicate This Video: „The Ballad Of The Green Berets“ by SSgt Barry Sadler, To All The Brave Men & Women In Uniform Who Serve Our Country. ⭐ Be Kind ⭐ RIP SSgt Barry Sadler [US Army Special Forces] ⭐
(11 – 1 – 40 to 11 – 5 – 89) ⭐


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31 Kommentare

  1. Saltrock 28/08/2021

    A great old song! I remember this one very well!

  2. bzr türk 29/08/2021

    your content and sound quality is very good. It will be a pleasure to follow you. I hope you will visit us. all the beauties are yours. Good luck

  3. Yophy Padjadjaran 29/08/2021

    Great song
    I like this song
    Amazing memory of this song
    Succes friend
    New friend here

  4. Kevin Griffin 29/08/2021

    I didn't recognize the title, but I immediately recognized the song as soon as it started! Lovely tribute to all the brave men and women serving in uniform ~

  5. Todd Fowler 29/08/2021

    I (we) really needed that! Thank you so much, Karen!! It really is a beautiful song, GOD BLESS AMERICA!🇺🇸📻🎤🥁🎶🇺🇸

  6. Acoustically Toned 29/08/2021

    Never heard of this song before.. It is indeed quite amazing.. Good stuff!

  7. G'tar Trek 29/08/2021

    Terrible times but a stirring song. Thanks for uploading this, Karen.

  8. Lola K 29/08/2021

    Great acrobatics. Very nice ballad and performance
    Nice dedication, and tribute Karen,
    Best regards to the artist

  9. karenmuenchen 29/08/2021

    Such nice song :-)) Thank you for the share dear Karen ! Big like my friend :-)) Karen-München :-))

  10. Rodrigo Barrera 29/08/2021

    Hello my dear friend!!! brillant and cool song!! great memories have this song!!! all the best for you!!! I enjoy your job!!!! best regards.

  11. dubettoni 30/08/2021

    Nice! A wonderful new week to you my dear friend!

  12. Rafani Chanells 30/08/2021

    A great song 👍👍👍😍 thanks for sharing

  13. Philippe Salmon music 30/08/2021

    cool song and discovery to me , thanks

  14. Caballero Idem 30/08/2021

    Hello merci beaucoup pour ton beau partage et ta belle vidéo.☀️ Cette journée a tout !La providence de l’aube, le réveil de l’espoir, un sourire qui t’attend, un câlin que tu donneras, et le cœur qui saura encore s’étonner devant tout ! Aujourd’hui est une journée parfaite pour se lever et vivre … ☀️ Prenez soin de vous Gros calin amitié ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. Iris & Don Music 31/08/2021

    I agree with you Karen, it’s hard making fun videos lately! Such a wonderful tribute song to all the ones who served our country! Great song and lyrics! We enjoyed this very much! Thanks for sharing this! ☺️👍🌻

  16. Copy Room Music 31/08/2021

    very nice song and lyrics~~!
    Thanks for sharing~~:)

  17. Charoula Kostopoulou, τραγούδια ψυχής 31/08/2021

    Very nice my dear friend, thanks for sharing! Like 48 and wishes for a happy and smiled day for you, Charoula! 🌿🌻🌴🌹🏵🥀

  18. rockingphil58 31/08/2021

    That was fantastic Karen always loved this great SSgt Barry Sadler song God bless all all the great Vets and Solders and service men and women who serve to keep us safe heroes every one of them

  19. Karlos Dergal 02/09/2021

    Outstanding my friend! Well done! Love it!

  20. Jung Hee Yoon 20/09/2021

    Very great song. like52

  21. Lanita Renee 18/10/2021


  22. Rolfe2009 23/10/2021

    Just now seeing this Karen, and it made me tear up… this song came out the year I was born and my Dad had the 45…I still have it somewhere in a box…thank you for making this beautiful video with lyrics…I loved it verrrrry much. For some reason I have always liked this song… what's going on right now in this country is sad beyond belief! God Bless our soldiers.
    LuvNhugz, Lady E

  23. Lanita Renee 03/11/2021



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