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Rossini: La Cenerentola – Glyndebourne Festival Opera

La Cenerentola is Gioachino Rossini’s version of the popular Cinderella story, an exciting mixture of comedy, pathos, coloratura …


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27 Kommentare

  1. Francisco Ferrer Galiana 30/03/2016

    Un maravilloso Cuento de Hadas convertido en un maravilloso espectáculo musical.

  2. John Toms 01/07/2016

    Is it just me or does the tenor look like Jimmy Fallon? It makes watching it kinda funny.

  3. myexitolaboral 22/09/2016

    I love this version of the opera, it has a fairy tale setting that I feel better reflects the spirit of Rossini's music. The performers are so good!!!! More than 30 years have passed since the recording and I have not seen a better performance!!!

  4. Nadine James 15/10/2016

    Bel Opéra …à part une déco kitsch et des costumes désuets, proches du ridicule.

  5. G. Rossini 31/01/2017

    Desderi, brilliant as always. I've always preferred Desderi as Dandini. He was made for that role.

  6. Wilmer Vélez 23/04/2017

    Magnificent cast and production. A joy to watch. I wish it had subtitles.

  7. David Barneby 28/01/2018

    This is indeed a beautiful production , costumes and settings out of this world . I find this a very well balanced group of singers and excellent chorus ensemble . I am enjoying this performance immensely !!!

  8. Geoff Cushnet 15/04/2018

    This takes me back!! I was only 18 when I visited Glyndebourne in the late 1950's to be introduced to opera for the first time. That production had the wonderful Ian Wallace, and, (in my opinion anyway), the finest comic tenor ever – Sesto Bruscantini, and was conducted by Vittorio Gui. A suoerb experience, which began my love of opera thereafter! I very much enjoyed this production though.
    Happy memories!!

  9. Rich's Outdoors 24/08/2018

    Just discovered this, at 1:37:35 that is me with Paul, Nick, Jim, Stuart, and Mark. 12 year olds from Ringmer School with stars in our eyes, happy days.

  10. HConstantine 28/09/2018

    As a film, this is an embarrassment.

  11. libertango 21/02/2019

    Oh, I am so sorry, as I have just found that Claudio Desderi has died in 2018. he was 75 years old. I loved him. He was a great Dandini (Ponelle), Don Bartolo, Don Magifico, both with Glyndebourne Festival. What a beautiful voice, and so great comedic skills. Rest in peace, Claudio. Grazie Maestro!

  12. M Nicolau 07/04/2019

    Es bonito saber que, aun se apuesta por el arte y la cultura !! GRACIAS Warner !!

  13. Michael Keihl 01/05/2019

    @45 minutes. Wow. Captain Hook was at it in Italy also! Causing mayhem all over the world

  14. antonio zaragoza robledo 05/05/2019

    Parece que soy el unico español que ha disfrutado enormemente de esta gran opera de Gioachino Rossini. No me importa. Rossini y Mozart son mis dos grandes favoritos en la opera.Respeto a quienes gusten de otros compositoress pero es que a mi no me gustan las operas con finales horribles o sea tragicos y el campeon de todos ellos es Puccini con sus tremebundas operas de TOSCA, LA BOHEME, MADAME BUTTERFLY y TURANDOT.A mi tanto en literatura, como en teatro y como en opera prefiero los finales felices y no los tragicos. Rossini fue un hombre alegre, vividor y amante de la buena comida, sobre todo de los canelloni. Por eso engordo tanto pero supo combinar muy bien lo dramatico con lo comico.Todas sus operas me encantan porque era un hombre de espiritu positivo y no negativo como Verdi, el citado Puccini, Leoncavallo ¡caray con sus PAGLIACCI y CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA, Bellini y Donizetti.

  15. Jim 30/11/2019

    La Cenerentola is actually very funny even when you don't ham it all up or wear ridiculous costumes. (But the Dandini is awesome.)

  16. E. Silva 06/02/2020

    Excellent rendition of one of the best Rossini operas. Wonderful singing with setting and costumes faithful to the plot. Bravo.

  17. Hoseyn Vosouq 03/04/2020

    What a Sweet, Delicious production…🙂

  18. Novagerio 07/05/2020

    What year was that? Renzetti looks so insanely young (!)

  19. Sam Staggs 20/08/2020

    This woman looks like a man

  20. Marco Alibrando 01/12/2020

    Donato RENZETTI, (great) Conductor!!!

  21. Jorge Marquez 18/04/2021

    Claudio Desderi is grandioso👏👏

  22. eduardo fracassi 20/06/2021

    So sorry that Desderi passed away. I hope that his style and wisdom for these comic Rossini roles be studied by other opera singers. It is incredible.

  23. Guillermo Faucheux 21/10/2021

    No me agradó, la orquestación muy buena, no así la escenografía


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