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[RARE!] Ettore Bastianini Lucilla Udovich Giorgio Tozzi Renato Cioni Nabucco full opera (1961 live)

Nabucco by Giuseppe Verdi performed in Italian
Conductor Francesco Molinari-Pradelli – 1961(LI)
Orchestra – San Francisco Opera
Chorus – San Francisco Opera
Nabucco – Ettore Bastianini
Ismaele – Renato Cioni
Zaccaria – Giorgio Tozzi
Abigaille – Lucilla Udovich
Fenena – Janis Martin
Gran Sacerdote – Joshua Hecht
Abdallo – Howard Fried
Anna – Gwen Curatilo


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9 Kommentare

  1. Best Opera Moments 12/10/2021

    Have been looking for this for quite some time. The other Nabucco's with Bastianini has very average supporting casts. This is amazing.

  2. Operaspia 12/10/2021

    WOW….looking forward this post 👍

  3. Best Opera Moments 14/10/2021

    Udovich is the best Abigaille after Callas. Equal to Soulioutis and Dimitrova. I also like de Osma.

  4. Opera & Classical music Lover 14/10/2021

    The sound quality is amazing! Thank you very much!

  5. revivaljesus 14/10/2021

    Zaccaria is a tough role, one might even say unreasonably tough. Tozzi is a good choice for it (even if he skips the first low F-sharp in "O chi piange"). His baritone past pays off in the high notes. I wish my favourite bass-baritone Didur had recorded Zaccaria's arias. Pinza recorded "Vieni o levita" but I don't think he sang the full opera? He would have definately been an amazing Zaccaria in his prime. Ghiaurov and Hines were especially well-suited to Zaccaria, Giaiotti too. Flagello sang Zaccaria, but I guess it wasn't recorded? Rossi-Lemeni was great too, even though his low range was lacking.

  6. 16/10/2021

    Grand operatic cast! Thank you, another rare & precious find!

  7. Wilfried Rades 17/10/2021

    Ettore Bastianini is one of my favourit Baritons, the other is Giorgio Zancanaro, thanks for upload!


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