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Prince & The Revolution – Raspberry Beret (Official Music Video)

„Raspberry Beret“ from ‚Around the World in a Day‘ (1985)
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Welcome to the Official Prince YouTube channel – celebrating the life, creative works and enduring legacy of Prince Rogers Nelson. Prince’s fearless creative vision, musical virtuosity, and wildly prolific output graced the world with one of the most universally beloved bodies of work of all time. Prince’s hit songs ‘Purple Rain’, ‘When Doves Cry’, ‘Kiss’, ‘Raspberry Beret’, and ‘Little Red Corvette’ are just a small sample of his revolutionary blend of rock, funk, R&B and new wave pop that shattered barriers and empowered millions. In the 1980s, Prince made history by being one of the first black artists to have their videos in heavy rotation on MTV. The Prince Estate is proud to present these groundbreaking videos alongside all of Prince’s releases to inspire and educate fans and celebrate Prince in his totality. Subscribe to the channel and check back for new additions, including music videos, performance clips, official Prince playlists, announcements, and more!

#PrinceRogersNelson #Prince #Prince4Ever


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42 Kommentare

  1. Kim Williams 24/04/2022

    Rip Prince you were and will always be the best musician xx

  2. Corey Edwards 25/04/2022

    Pat Smear of the Germs and Foo Fighters is an extra in this video

  3. Marcus Brooks 26/04/2022

    Another King like Michael Jackson..

  4. DaVeO 26/04/2022

    Did Charlie Day time travel and play drums in this?

  5. Gay Youht 26/04/2022

    The one you find in a secondhand store Solange Woei from Amsterdam Holland!

  6. Jordan-A. C. DAIMLER-BellGeddes-Davis 26/04/2022


  7. Worldwide Wyatt 26/04/2022

    This is literally the perfect pop song. Nobody can ever top this.

  8. mike carr 26/04/2022

    Wasn't a prince fan but this dude can sure play. The guitar rip man

  9. Marvelous Mike 27/04/2022

    Great memories. The 80’s were a great time to grow up. Everything today is so deadly serious and political it’s just nauseating. If I could just invent a time machine, I’ll bet half the country would go back with me without needing ANY convincing. 🙂

  10. IARRCSim 27/04/2022

    The source of Covid-19 was finally found at 0:45 to 0:50.

  11. Mike López 27/04/2022

    Prince died💀 young because of stupid drugs! 💊 👹

  12. Kirsten Jones 27/04/2022

    Poetry to my best friend rip and for me first time failers until we went found our friendship and I led her roug stripper style

  13. Amanda Grogen 27/04/2022

    That outfit is killllleerrrrrr

  14. JA YE 27/04/2022

    I would like to know more about the cello line

  15. Eric Mineer 28/04/2022

    This song in a party on acid is the best way to go I'm told.

  16. Dawn Paige 28/04/2022

    I remember this song by Prince himself. Raspberry Beret. This was definitely one of my father favorite song. I have saw the video several times. The song itself is cute and cool 😎! I dedicate this song to my Dad. Rest in Peace!!!

  17. 43ゆうた 29/04/2022


  18. Juan Gomez 30/04/2022

    Prince Dances Like Robotic yeah

  19. Jack Sprat 30/04/2022


  20. fatlittleparasite 01/05/2022

    The guy in white with long hair sitting in front of the piano is Pat Smear, guitarist from legendary bands such as the germs, nirvana and foo fighters

  21. emanrasu 02/05/2022

    it's the raspberry parade

  22. Mk Mk 02/05/2022

    Brings back good memories my mom loved prince rip mom and happy mother's day I love you

  23. David Matheny 02/05/2022

    Random but kinda sad fact: Wendy Melvoin is the woman playing guitar next to Prince in this video and was obviously a big part of his band during this era. Her younger brother was also a musician that played piano and keyboard for bands. He played keyboard for the Smashing Pumpkins during the Mellon Collie Tour and unfortunately died from an overdose that drummer Jimmy Chamberlain survived. Sarah McLachlan wrote that song "In the Arms of the Angels" about him.

  24. Cool 7 03/05/2022

    This is one of my favorites still sounds good 😎


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