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Luciano Pavarotti – Otello CONTEST – Esultate

The Otello contest! Everyone was asking for this one, and it a fun one to put together. There are a lot of tenors here! So take your …


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29 Kommentare

  1. V A 15/09/2010

    Secondo me Pavarotti è stato un buonissimo otello, meglio di tanti altri che facevano la voce grossa e basta!!!!!!!!!
    Grande Luciano!!!!!!

  2. Jason Nevader 02/11/2010

    Was it a joke compared to Mario del Monaco?

  3. qwertyoop 25/04/2011

    dont really llike the way people commenting on it saying its awful… you do it? the you'll see how hard the approach to the B is….. try it.. post it…. then under stand.. i agree he isnt the best at emotions …. but still.. its pavarotti… EVERYBODY A LOVES HIM! 🙂

  4. chaiter1 13/09/2011

    Some people like to make drama and to write rubbish. I really object to pigeonholing of tenors and to fanatics who start complaining this doesn't sound like this or that person.I believe this performance has a substantial artistic merit. Those who don't just move on and go ahead listening to your idols.

  5. chaiter1 13/09/2011

    And just another remark:go and listen to Tamagno, listen to how bright he sings it.Therefore this approach is legitimate and it seems Verdi wanted it bright and not heavy and dark.It is a proclamation of victory not a tragedy…it will come later on…

  6. margrant 05/12/2011

    Nemorino che canta l'Otello

  7. Spruce 31/12/2011

    best technique, but still a lyric tenor

  8. Spruce 31/12/2011

    Francesco Tamagno was the best for the role

  9. Stevie dit le wonder 06/03/2012

    @31122051 100% d'accordo! Comunque quando vediamo altri commenti su quest'argomento c'è da ridere! Pavarotti non avrebbe mai potuto cantare Otello sulla scena per motivi vocale ma anche interpretativi. Comunque dobbiamo riconescere che il suo Otello non è male…. anzi! E cantato (non interpretato) in modo lirico, un pò alla Gigli. Quando il grande Laurio Volpi cantò l'Otello si è fatto scendere, eppure il suo Otello è molto bello. Forse per questo motivo Corelli non lo cantò mai….

  10. Norberto Diaz 18/05/2012

    @mioverdi please remove this otherwise Verdi will be offended by you because he had already offended by Pavarotti so don't do it once more!Pavarotti was singer without shame unfortunately!

  11. franco cozzi 28/07/2012

    Otello is not only the "Esultate" shouted in the harbor no doubts about Mario power. Esultate is the less interesting and most vulgar part of a beautiful opera.. Tamagno and Mario rolling in their coffins ? Oh yes.. the Supernatural Luciano's voice and a planetary fame can do it.

  12. franco cozzi 28/07/2012

    U know why ordinary people dislike opera? Because all these "professors". I'm aged enough to remember live Birgit Nillson performances , Corelli, Jack London , Vickers , Sutherland, Freni , Di Stefano , Caballe, Dimitrova and dozens of others giants around the world, with hundres of these " professors" ready to measure a note but misfeeling the intensity of a breath. Poor people.

  13. MDM427 28/07/2012

    Take your Nemorino and Duca… Dramatic tenors own Otello… Yes, Esultate is not Otello, but what about Luciano's Dio mi potevi, scagliar and Niun mi tema is it half of Mario's and Francesco's versions… I know that luciano is great tenor, but Otello is not his job… Goldenfish can't sing like a shark…

  14. franco cozzi 29/07/2012

    A singing shark .. Poor Mario , sorry I quit.

  15. Babach Lovari 29/03/2013

    I cant believe what i just heard i dont wanna believe it he actuaaly sang off key this is the first time i ever heard that from the maestro i feel embarrassed …..please delete this video i beg of you

  16. patriciohampar 31/12/2013

    Excelente, uno de los mejores Otellos de la historia. Bravo Pavarotti!!!

  17. Alan Rodrigues 18/08/2014

    @franco cozzi You are totally right. You see, @MDM427 is REALLY hypocritical or a troll. Here he is, acting like a "professor" and claiming that Pavarotti was not powerful or dramatic enough. However, there's a post here on YT where Björling and Merrill sang together in a duet (Si pel ciel) and his comment is: "I don't think that Otello is his role, but he does good job here… He was great enough to sing well anything he wanted… He could fill gaps with his liryc spinto voice in any kind of classical music…".

  18. LUIS ALBERTO TENOR 23/10/2014

    No cabe duda que Pavarotti era extraordinario, sin embargo ésta es una Opera muuuy lejana para su voz, suena a un Otellito, ésta opera es para un Lirico Spinto cunado menos, lease Del Monaco Corelli, Vickers, Bonisolli, etc.
    Great Pavarotti but this rolis not for him, sorry I only can hear a little Otello

  19. Kim Millard 15/02/2017

    I have to admit that I really found this to be very very good which surprised me greatly. It's not an "Otello" voice like I am accustomed to hearing them but Luciano Pavarotti actually acquits himself quite nicely. He sings like himself and within himself without trying to sound like Mario Del Monaco, Ramon Vinay, or other great Otellos of the past. Still prefer a darker more dramatic voice for this role but there's no denying that Luciano Pavarotti was a great tenor with a superb technique that allowed him the versatility to at least record the role even if he never performed it on stage. No shame in that as neither did Franco Corelli or Enrico Caruso.

  20. Federico Ulivucci 14/05/2017

    chi mette non mi piace ovviamente non capisce un cazzo, forse un ruolo non riuscito benissimo ma tutto sommato buono poi anche domingo debutta in ruoli non consoni alla sua voce e si becca un sacco di applausi, questo fa riflettere molto sulla ignoranza del genere umano.

  21. Fabrizio Ruggeri 26/06/2017

    C'entra nell'Otello quanto io possa centrare con la danza classica

  22. KILLING 09/07/2017

    Apesar de lírico o Pavarotti canta muito bem esse trecho…

  23. Sir Larselot 31/08/2017

    This recording is a highly valued one for me. Pavarotti is maybe an unusual Otello, but with very exciting aspects. And i prefer his bright world class singing than all these roaring tenors with red heads in pushing mode.

  24. Monnarch Monnarchy 17/04/2020

    Povero Verdi, povero Puccini!

  25. Fred Cranwell 07/06/2020

    I was one of the lucky one in Carnegie Hall the night Luciano sang his Otello. Amazing.. Don't compare, just enjoy and feel bad that you missed it.

  26. Giovanni Fortunato 09/06/2020

    Pavarotti è un grande, ma purtroppo a Londra nel 92 prese una sonora bordata di fischi. Da allora non lo ha più interpretato. Questo ruolo non fa per lui, assolutamente.


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