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Luciano Pavarotti – "Che Gelida Manina" – RARE TV BROADCAST (Paris, 3/3/1965)

I upload some days before the audio recording of the broadcast of Pavarotti’s Concert version of „Che Gelida Manina“ from Paris (3/3/1965)! And now it’s time for the Video 😉 Hope to enjoy!!!


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  1. Jose Balbino Oliveira 30/10/2021

    Esqueceram de citar o autor da aria, Puccini. O maior compositor de opera que o mundo produziu. Uma pena.

  2. Фонарщик 07/11/2021

    А Лучано оказывается был красив в молодости. Как по мне, даже Корелли ему чуть уступил бы. Только в Корелли всегда подчеркивают его внешность, а о Паваротти я что-то не слышал ничего такого. Обожаю Корелли, но захотелось за Лучано заступиться. ИМХО конечно. Светлая память ВЕЛИКИМ !

  3. Simone TheTretelayer 08/11/2021

    La pulizia dei primi anni… Peccato si sia perso per strada

  4. largentino 10/11/2021

    After seen this, I understand why he was a great admirer of Sweden tenor Jussi Bjorling. Fantastic!

  5. White Rook 12/11/2021

    Imagine if Pavarotti existed before we had the technology to immortalize him and his voice. Imagine if we missed him. Even worse.. Imagine if we existed in the same time, but didn't recognize it, or care.

  6. Wael Binali 02/12/2021

    Wow, so happy to have run into this performance. He was so young!

  7. Barbara Remsen 02/12/2021

    Thank you for giving us new generations 2021, a chance to see this see and hear such a GOD given voice! He is so expressive, and perfect !!! BEST EVER !!!

  8. 李岳臻 03/12/2021

    3:58 when the singer's breath is longer than your bow

  9. Jay Tamayo 03/12/2021

    Raw yet superb! So amazing! No wonder he became THE ONE.

  10. Eberlin Pascal 06/12/2021

    Parfait ! Le soleil dans la voix ,la chaleur ,la tendresse et la vaillance .une technique magnifique .C'est le roi des rois .

  11. MrGer2295 10/12/2021

    The Greatest tenor of all time . Bravissimo Pavarotti !

  12. Randal Colucci 30/12/2021

    Thank you for this. It was a real tragedy he gained so much weight. It's so much harder to sing with such weight to move on inhalations making the work of breathing that much more difficult. Amazingly beautiful. Im locked in when I listen.

  13. Ana Souza 28/01/2022

    It is a shame I could not find the Turandot Opera with Pavarotti and Montserrat. For sure the best performance ever! I only found the voices, not the images. 😞

    Pavarotti is the best among the best. The GOT.

  14. Johanna DeScenza 04/02/2022

    Soft tears fill my eyes whenever I hear Pavarotti..wonderful in sound and clarity…I feel truly blessed that we have been so fortunate..thank you again..

  15. Mel Matthews 16/02/2022

    Unspeakable beauty. His voice was perfect!

  16. 100gvolpe 25/03/2022

    Marzo del 1965 era un bellissimo giovane Tenore Luciano Pavarotti.!

  17. Padre Karras 03/04/2022

    No habían chaquetas de su talla?

  18. E Mitch 14/04/2022

    Yes, Pavarotti was quite our household name of tenors. While I waited patiently for my 21/2 year old daughter to return with her daddy after his rehearsal in the little theatre of Opera Lyric of Chicago. I finally saw her running down the theatre aisle to me in front of her daddy largely expressing, "Mommy, I sat on a big fat man's lap with a big tie while he was talking to daddy." Yes, my daughter was enjoying her visit with Luciano Pavarotti after rehearsal. He was genuinely in love with life and a destined tenor of his time, but my heavens, LOOK at ALL the TENORS WE WERE SO RICHLY HEARING DURING THE GOLDEN AGE. What a time we will never know again as then! And for those who did not know, Pavarotti did not read music!! As I watch this wonderful Paris concert, I was reminded of Caballe in the same Paris Hall of musicians. She and Pavarotti had the presence of relaxation with their technical command and what reminds me of "the drama is in the music." They both were quite deserved of their status Divo and Diva. Thank you!


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