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LoLa & HAUSER – Mia & Sebastian’s Theme (La La Land)

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Hauser and Lola Astanova performing Mia & Sebastian’s Theme from La La Land by Justin Hurwitz at the „HAUSER & Friends“ Gala Concert in Arena Pula, Croatia, August 2018

Ivo Lipanovic, conductor
Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra

Arrangement by LoLa, Hauser and Filip Sljivac

Filmed and edited by MedVid production and Hauser
Audio produced by Hauser and Filip Vidovic (Morris Studio)



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29 Kommentare

  1. Justin Flagg 14/01/2022

    Yea if I was there I’d definitely start crying

  2. BILL KAP 17/01/2022

    2022 and still here…

  3. Vxnillamcaron_ xo 24/01/2022

    This whole thing makes my heart beat faster 😫

  4. -- 27/01/2022

    Bravi entrambi grazie di questa rappresentazione. Nella mia bella Pola

  5. Craig Kian 31/01/2022

    The opposite grade connoly fire because danger additonally try after a eager liquor. boring, small population

  6. Mark W Annand 03/02/2022

    Lola and Hauser, extraordinary performance, thank you so much!. You know the

  7. Rose Dee 19/02/2022

    Amazing version took my breath away Thank you

  8. Sevinc Vətənqızı 24/02/2022

    nə gözəl ifa edirsiz .saatlarca dinləsəm .

  9. shruti gaonkar 15/03/2022

    Just listening to it and seeing it play so beautifully makes my Heart full 💙💫

  10. Librada Sanchez 20/03/2022

    Que velleza Hauser piano y tu con tu violonchelo maravilloso Hauser..gracias 🌹🌹🎻🎻❤❤🎻🎻❤❤🌹🌹🎻❤🇪🇸

  11. Molly Mari 24/03/2022

    El amor y la nostalgia nunca se va del todo, menos cuando es verdadero

  12. Ulia Krimska 28/03/2022


  13. Ulia Krimska 30/03/2022

    Да,это счастье любить тебя ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. Jean-Claude Kechida 01/04/2022


  15. sam northon 03/04/2022

    Киска прсто супер!!!!!!

  16. Qbaze Sistemas 16/04/2022

    Como que hay un 80% de envidiosos en el publico o mas mujeres que hombres en el publico? Al fin de cuentas es lo.mismo jajajaj tipico cuando hay talento ajeno

  17. Tilly Hossain 16/04/2022

    this song will always mean so much to me. Me and my boyfriend go and sit at the piano and play it together a lot. It always reminds me of him. We’ve been together over a year now but I really see myself being with him forever, it’s just that type of relationship that we either get married or we will never date again. Can only end in two ways but honestly see myself marrying him

  18. Nura M. 20/04/2022

    this version is def the best wow


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