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Le Bon & Pavarotti "Ordinary World"

Simon Le Bon na gali charytatywnej Pavarotti und Friends (Together For The Children Of Bosnia) (Live Modena 12.09.1995)


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48 Kommentare

  1. Jerke van der Geest 11/05/2021

    Great great great after all these years

  2. Luciano Lopes Lima 02/06/2021

    Pavarotti + Le Bon + Michael Kamen = There's nothing to add!

  3. Philip Carratt 06/06/2021

    Man this guy sings out of tune and I don't mean Pavarotti .

  4. antonioni marquezini 07/06/2021

    Que bárbaros,fue excelente!!!

  5. donna 10/06/2021

    After 14 years for sharing this, thank you so much x

  6. M. How 14/06/2021

    God bless Duran singing with a Religious singer

  7. M. How 14/06/2021

    God bless Pavarotti sings w Secular singer

  8. KonElKent 15/06/2021

    It's an emotional song on its own, but imagine being there in the audience…

  9. 39 Mexlis 24/06/2021

    Ахуеть как сейчас я ахуел

  10. anaina2 18/07/2021

    2021…someone else??

  11. Tony H 03/08/2021

    WOW !! Did not see that coming …

  12. Dary laure 12/08/2021

    Verga !!!! Como se ve que no he vivido jajaja 🤣 chingón!!!

  13. M. How 19/08/2021

    The Song is about the children not them..Pray And God bless the children.

  14. M. How 24/08/2021

    Mother Teresa. Princess Diana Rip

  15. M. How 24/08/2021

    Andy Anderson Jr Sr Rip

  16. JillieStormESOM 30/08/2021

    He is skinny here – not Pavarotti lol

  17. Juan Miguel Degleue 01/09/2021

    Uffff!!!! Pavarotti amazing !!!

  18. Jeffrey Kolega 05/09/2021

    Would have been cool if they didn’t translate it. Awkward as heck. Like when people pronounce it rodayo even though it’s an American ballet about a rodeo. Get over yourselves, classical music snobs.

  19. Mostly Anthologies 26/09/2021

    Oh my God this is beautiful 😍 ❤ 😭 ♥ 💖 You KNOW he was nervous 😓 (I can hear it in his diaphragm, he can't breathe as deeply: nerves) but this was GORGEOUS 😍 💖 ❤and the orchestra strings ❤ IM IN LOVE 🥰 😍 ❤

  20. Cinemax 03/10/2021

    Here after As Roma won

  21. CHASING WATERFALLS 13/10/2021

    And that’s what killed the song folks!!

  22. CHASING WATERFALLS 13/10/2021

    Just seems like they should have practiced it first before going on stage, But with better timing I think it could’ve been awesome

  23. Ticiano Costa Jordão 24/11/2021

    I think this performance would have been much better if Simon would not have sang together with Pavarotti. They should have sang each part separately in sequence, not together. Simon should have stayed with his English lyrics while Pavarotti singing in Italian. The way they did did not sound well after all.

  24. Mark Hovsepian 05/12/2021

    Imagine how nervous he was singing with Maestro.

  25. Takashi Makino 17/12/2021

    Subarashī eizōdesu. Kokorokara kandō shimashita.

    20 / 5,000


    It's a wonderful image. I am deeply moved.

  26. DRNEGOLICIS 27/12/2021

    This song has different meaning after leaving my wife. I miss my best friend.

  27. Marinella Errico 13/01/2022

    Simon Le Bon uomo semplicemente meraviglioso, bellissima voce, Pavarotti strepitoso!!

  28. Rolexxx Ram 17/01/2022

    Como me encanta esta versión . 17/01/22

  29. Bojane Bugami 19/01/2022

    That was un f'ng believable. I can't believe this actually happened. Absolutely incredible.

  30. Bojane Bugami 19/01/2022

    I've never heard a better voice in all my life. No voice on earth compares to Pavarotti.

  31. Kevin 29/01/2022

    Amazing but lacking something. Can't quite place my finger on it.

  32. yvolfhyde 24/02/2022

    honestly… anyway. Respect.

  33. Linda Donohue 27/02/2022

    Simon le bon xx legend 👏 ❤

  34. Ricardo Leon Da Silva Antelo 14/03/2022

    Inigualável, fenomenal. Pavarotti, sempre será.

  35. newhydebob 15/03/2022

    There are times when Simon looks over at Pavarotti, as if to say, hey dude, give me a break lol!

  36. Teresa B 18/03/2022

    I am old enough to remember watching thus concert when it first aired, I am not sure if it was live or not, but I remember thinking this is the best version ever! It must had been 1994 or 1995 maybe

  37. Lora Petrova 23/03/2022

    Невероятно!!До слез…

  38. Hear4Metallica 15/04/2022

    Its like flavored Dr Pepper. I want to love it so bad. I tried it over and over, but.

  39. Fede Carranza 19/04/2022

    This is beyond beautiful!!!


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