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Josh Groban Fiddler on the Roof

Josh Groban,The fiddler on the roof. (If I were a rich man)


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30 Kommentare

  1. Dalton Ridenhour 17/06/2011

    @MoonSorceress You sure it was '99? I was there in '98, and I'm pretty sure I remember hearing him do this.

  2. MoonSorceress 18/06/2011

    @dalty52 oops, you are correct.

  3. Tirza777 22/06/2011

    Oh my josh! this is soooooo funny! ha ha, can't stop laughing at his excellent performance! man, I can hardly recognize him. Are you SURE this is him? ha ha ha ha ha! I love it!

  4. Lauren Faerber 15/12/2011

    Oh my god. He's really good. :3

  5. AFVfan1 07/02/2012

    @Jadera13 This is from his highschool production of "Fiddler on the Roof".

  6. Maggiepie1344 13/02/2012

    Oh this is brilliant!! xD

  7. The Official Andy Saenz 25/02/2012

    WOW, I didn't know he performed on Broadway?? That's definitely him, I'd recognize his voice anywhere. 🙂

  8. Lauren Faerber 10/04/2012

    I would really love to hear him sing Tradition! <3

  9. Dj Nicoletti 15/08/2012

    Bellissimo Josh!!! Wonderful find… DJ

  10. Patricia Blair 28/10/2012

    Hilarious he is really good!!!!

  11. Panamon 06/02/2013

    Check him out in Chess!

  12. Holly Shue 02/12/2014

    It's hard to believe that he was just in high school in this!

  13. Maria 06/06/2016

    He is sooooo good omg, he was like 17 when he did this, yet his voice is Just soooo mature, even angelic of i must say so

  14. Joyce Grant 13/06/2016

    love Josh Groban My Grandmother knew zero mostel

  15. VarietyGirl20 13/06/2016

    LOL The TONYS brought me here XD

  16. H.G. Myers 15/06/2016

    James Corden sent me here.

  17. EvilsDeathAzul 30/06/2016

    "Wow, that just happened at the tony's"

  18. Cassidy Rose 27/10/2016

    omg Josh Groban has such a great singing voice!!!

  19. mary 08/06/2017

    the chicken's part, the way he dances 😂😂😂😂briliant funny!!!!

  20. Cassidy Rose 03/02/2018

    Josh Groban has always been a perfect angel

  21. Aly H 18/05/2018

    I found a random gif of Josh’s reaction to this and it brought me here 🙂

  22. meg143562 07/06/2018

    It's the Tony's again, let's bring this back!

  23. Pam Perry 26/03/2021

    Already a natural at musical theater

  24. draconiclady0610 31/03/2021

    I would have loved if he had put this song on his Stages album


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