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Jimi Hendrix – House Of The Rising Sun (instrumental)

The performer of this instrumental version is not certainly known but it sounds a lot like Jimi’s playing, many people are suggesting …


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33 Kommentare

  1. 3ankabout23 19/04/2013

    the CD editors made a mess putting JIMI HENDRIX as the player of this beautiful song

  2. Adrian Vye 28/04/2013

    WHYdo people do this????of course, it's not Hendrix!! This is disco Bullshit!!

  3. oldmal60 11/06/2013

    what a joke. If this is Hendrix playing then I'm George Harrison.

  4. mad mistermike 15/06/2013

    jimi s tone is un mistakable that is his other
    voice he could make it talk and make it sing
    or let it scream this sounds like early 65 or 66
    recordings …..great stuff you tube thanks for
    givings us rare footage ….

  5. JOOODYJOOODY 14/07/2013

    too simplistic to be hendrix … .its all one note runs .. iii could copy this without thinking and iii cant even play that well ..but it would be too boring to even try … this is an insult to anyone who knows hendrix at all ..shame shame shame

  6. urankjj 27/07/2013

    Not 1/2 bad who-ever it is. My guess is either

    Roy Buchanan or Gary Moore. But I think it`s Roy…..

  7. влад шипицын 02/08/2013

    согласен.он грубее играл.свой стиль,а это кто-фиг знает.но….. тоже неплох.

  8. Blas Lafontaine 06/08/2013

    That doesn't sound like hendrix, wtf.

  9. theCodapowerplay 10/08/2013

    That sounds like 14 years old boy, who just began try improvisation, decided to record

  10. FATMAN GAMING 05/09/2013

    Sounds like James Gurley from Big Brother and the Holding company more than Hendrix.

  11. TheRemoteseer 16/09/2013

    Absolutely not THE MASTER

  12. VisivisiV 18/09/2013

    If Jimi is on here, he's definitely on rhythm guitar. The solo here has nothing of Hendrix' flare, which he used to have and play off in that signature recognizable way even back in the session days when still doing parts as backing musician.
    If he is in fact on rhythm, I don't think he was very inspired doing this session though. The feel and groove of the rhythm guitar here is still superior to the lead.

  13. metaltaxi 19/09/2013

    I cut my vain if this is Hendrix !!!!!!!!!!

  14. robert accornero 17/10/2013

    here folks we have a dramatic example of video BULLSHIT. this ain't Jimi!!!!

  15. PARATHEION 20/10/2013

    i dont care if is jimi or not i love this very bad

  16. simshim 31/10/2013

    Jimi or not, I like it.

  17. Mr. Ed 02/01/2014

    hermonhitson1 commented
    On this cut that's Hermon Hitson on lead, Jimi on rythm and Lee Moses on organ! 1966
    NOW STFU and enjoy!

  18. Peacemaker591 08/01/2014

    If this is Jimi, then he had really a bad, bad day………

  19. Bdubb0110 17/03/2014

    Whether it's Jimi or not Please DO NOT DELETE THIS_
    THUMBS UP IF THIS IS ON YOUR PLAYLIST…if not it should be!!!!

  20. Mike 26/10/2014

    This is NOT Hendrix on lead guitar!!! Does not sound like him at all. I don't even think this track was recorded until AFTER his death in 1970. Anyone who says this is Hendrix clearly does not know what they are talking about. Any Hendrix fanatic will be able to tell that this is NOT Hendrix.

  21. gk10002000 23/02/2015

    The cords are not house of the rising sun at all.  They are descending, almost like my guitar gently weeps.

  22. Il Coyote 06/07/2015

    Not Jimmy but Hermon Hitson , classic 71 , my name is Shaft , John Shaft , remember that cose i'v got a GTO 69 Judge !

  23. jimi santa 07/06/2016

    This song was one of the songs that was put on some posthumous albums which were released and never featured even one note or one word of hendrix's voice. There was a court injunction to stop these from being released and also to persecute the people releasing this junk, and also to take the records back to the store and for people to get their money back, I could play better in my sleep than this rubbish, please don't do Jimi Hendrix, the master a huge injustice, he would be rolling in his grave,,. and to think that people who don't know anything about hendrix would listen to this and think this is what jimi was about,,,, Take it off, it's crap, to say the least!!!!! Period!!!!

  24. Dos Gardenias 05/10/2016

    No es Jimi Hendrix. No es su sonido. No sé quién toca esto, pero no es Hendrix.

  25. Mario Jose Lizano Gutierrez 16/04/2018

    me encanta esta música de los años de oro

  26. Mario Jose Lizano Gutierrez 16/04/2018

    me encanta esta música de los años de oro

  27. Mario Jose Lizano Gutierrez 16/04/2018

    me encanta esta música de los años de oro

  28. Federico Boyer 08/05/2019

    Hermon Hitson & Jimi Hendrix

  29. maceonenyc 20/12/2020

    This is Herman Hitson not Hendrix

  30. John Hearn 08/09/2021

    I mean really,does this sound like Jimi to anybody?!


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