Russland Sanktionen: "Noch so ein Sieg, und wir sind verloren!"

Ivan Rebroff – Dorogoi dlinnoyu / Takiye dni (lyrics in Russian)

Video get by the channel: BIGREDSHCHORS Song: Takiye dni or Takiyeh dni (Такие дни) or Takiye dni, moi drug (Такие дни, …


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39 Kommentare

  1. agni 04/10/2020

    why does he looks like william osman

  2. ice cold 29/10/2020

    At last found someone with voice like Engelbert Humperdinck.

  3. Flavio Morais 25/11/2020

    Pedro de Lara lá, lá lá lá lá lala

  4. Bill Miller 30/11/2020

    I have to confess, when I was much younger I thought he was an abomination, singing German "Schlager". But his voice (Guiness holder for the widest voice range!) and russian songs are really great.
    Sincere apologies whereever you are Ivan.

  5. Hai Nguyen 02/12/2020

    When was this video produced?

  6. Danilo Viana 03/12/2020

    Cadê os BR associando esse clássico com o glorioso Silvio Santos??? Tamo junto 🥰🥰🥰

  7. alek veber 28/12/2020

    Настоящее песня!

  8. mr leonid 01/01/2021

    the thumbnail looks like william osman

  9. ABC 11/01/2021

    Why is this videos aspect ratio 16:9 when in the times of black and white video ppl only used 4:3?

  10. Fjohnny 03/03/2021

    The guy in suit seems irritated by singer.

  11. Otaku Liberal 02/04/2021

    she's not your wife, she's our wife

  12. Leandro Nardi 06/04/2021


  13. Ryszard Kulesza 19/04/2021

    Dzięki za taką pieśń i WSPANIAŁE WYKONANIE dla ŚWIATA danke w interesie Polski i Europy spasiba spasiba dla ludzi senk JU Then k y O v danke

  14. John E 13/05/2021

    Interesting — Russian translation of the English language song ("those were the days"), instead of the original Russian lyrics. Very enjoyable — I have always liked Rebroff.

  15. M Something 18/05/2021

    sovieten sie detusch? ^^

  16. Léo Bellinaso 24/05/2021

    Zangief antes do Street fighter.

  17. Владимир Юхно 22/06/2021

    У меня есть где то записи ( у мамы лежат ) Хэй я казачок … поёт так же Иван Ребров ! Ребров – всегда любил его !

  18. Anil Bektas 22/06/2021

    Hey nice definitions of happy days

  19. unaccounted civilian 28/06/2021

    Ivan Rebroff looks more russian than russia

  20. poonam 18/07/2021

    🖤lord….here in India at 17 yrs of age , and i sing , "Takiye dni eh , takiye dni …" 🖤:)🙏🏻
    Ivan rebroff has a most beautiful smile 🖤

  21. misteryus 13/08/2021

    Ficou legal com essa voz de arroto…

  22. Christa 26/08/2021

    The song is originally written by Boris Fomin in 1917

  23. William Cox 25/09/2021

    My favorite song ever. This was very popular in the USA under the name "Those Were The Days", but I learned it in Russian while in high school. So much fun to sing along once more.

  24. Ben Tree specialist 22/10/2021

    This guy Ivan trips over his balls every time he gets onto the trolley bus in Vostok.

  25. nemo 11/11/2021

    One of the best singer I've ever heard.

  26. François Redhon 21/12/2021

    "Dorogoï Dlinnoyou" (Sur la longue route
    Plus connue sous son nom anglophone Those Were The Days, la chanson "Dorogoï Dlinnoyou" est une chanson de folklore russe tzigane traditionnel.
    Traduite en 6 langues (français, espagnol, allemand, italien, persan, hongrois), elle a été composée en 1926 par le compositeur russe Boris Fomine (1900-1948).
    Les paroles sont de Konstantin Podrevski.

  27. Nav v 14/04/2022

    This song is way ahead of its time. God Bless Russians.


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