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House of the Rising Sun (Traditional) Ukulele Cover with Chords/Lyrics

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26 Kommentare

  1. al jag 23/03/2015

    sounds good, looks good

    do you think you could put a tutorial up for Between the raindrops by Lifehouse

  2. RedCloud97 Official 21/04/2015

    You do a really good job with your videos man alot of them have helped me so much thank you sir

  3. R0ssana 01/02/2016

    Sir, what kind of E is ?

  4. Malina Luke 22/07/2016

    Do you think you could put up a tutorial for Darling I Do by Landon Pigg?

  5. Apn6Driver 22/09/2016

    Is it correct that you play every chord, for example Am. Down Down Up Down Up?

  6. paralyzedsoul 25/09/2016

    Loved it… Btw it's tough to play the E chord as of now… should i go for E7 or Em?

  7. serena 03/01/2017

    i grew up on this shit, this is awesome

  8. ГАРРИ ЗИНЧАНО 13/02/2017

    Dear Munson! Bravo! Your lesson perfect ! You are realy simply the best on the west ! Good luck. Thanks for all!

  9. Charles Severson 15/03/2017

    i just started learing . your video is amazing, one day in and ive learned a song. for real this video is perfect, strum pattern, tabs, and vocals. cant thank you enough for posting.

  10. Mc Caromello Koala 25/03/2017

    I already new how to do that I just wanted to see someone else do it this is awesome

  11. Nola Roden 19/08/2017

    This is awesome. I changed the words to Amazing Grace. It is totally awesome!!!

  12. Hope .lowkeydancevibes 25/05/2018

    Munsonmusiclive you kind of look like Alan Price from The Animals im from New Orleans and im just a littke white girl that loves The Animals

  13. Sam Aimson 15/08/2018

    This really suits your voice! Really good cover!

  14. DanBane 14 02/02/2019

    How uke is concert o tenor?

  15. isle hikes 13/05/2019

    Thanks brother man, like your rendition of this great song!

  16. Planet Hemp 07/12/2019

    Munson, this was my first time playing live… I 'm still a beginner, but here it is! Enjoy! Thanks for all of your videos and for giving me the confidence to play in front of people, that was a challenge for me! lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7atD8TdCbCQ&feature=youtu.be

  17. Donna Ehle 09/12/2019

    Another great song to learn…Thanks so much!

  18. D Kang 66 13/10/2020

    Thanks for a ukulele cover lesson! 🙂 All love! Stay Safe!

  19. Raigomaru 18/06/2021

    lol i never though i could play this the strumming looks hard when i hear it on the radio

  20. sandinabox 07/07/2021


  21. Raigomaru 01/09/2021

    um how do u that high tone in e chord?


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