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House Of The Rising Sun – Julia Westlin

I Got You Babe –~– Cover by Julia Westlin & David MeShow Thank you so …


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36 Kommentare

  1. Erin Norris 08/05/2021

    You are absolutely amazing. I would love to sing with you!!!

  2. Marina Almiron 14/05/2021

    Mas allá del cover que hiper sensual está Julia hermosa besote 💋 gracias Jorge Marilyn Gayarre argetina 2021

  3. Marina Almiron 22/05/2021

    Lo vuelvo a escuchar el cover de te animals y es emocionante julia exquisita Jorge Marilyn Gayarre Gracias argentina

  4. Slayer Nader 30/05/2021

    My song… this song makes me cry every time. Another spoil to thoses i was speaking of angielica speak. Theres a hidden message in this song that says and when i get home and all is said and done. ill have my life my family, raise my duaghter and have a son.

  5. Slayer Nader 30/05/2021

    This is our house. And we will have our son

  6. HatOnAHat 09/06/2021

    I have not heard many female singers get this song right. It's a blues song about despair and desperation, a warning. Many sing it as an R&B song or a Soul song. That doesn't work. Your rendition is unsettling, haunting, and conveys exactly what the lyrics are trying to say. Well done! Fantastic job!

  7. Liltrix 18/06/2021

    That was amazzzzzing!!

  8. James Gnitno 02/07/2021

    I love the part where the supplementary siren-like voices added. Superb! Sublime!

  9. Григорий Бойко 07/07/2021

    Люблю и восхищаюсь!

  10. Григорий Бойко 07/07/2021

    Берёт голосом, инструменталка на втором плане!

  11. Nirmala Drieskens 02/09/2021

    Love it🌹🌹🌹🎶🎶🎶❤️❤️❤️

  12. Janusz Sarga 12/09/2021

    How can I love so many women in one?

  13. Rudi Heinze 16/09/2021

    David, like the Harp playing for a king called Saul.
    so, i pretend to be d'vid, Julia is not via Romeo.
    David and Julia,

    we're living on dangerous corrupted UN-ground
    WHO did it and WEF is as even as bad!

  14. Jai Murhekar 22/09/2021

    i liked it very much
    can you do a cover of songs by johnny cash?

  15. Joe Thomas 19/10/2021

    another great one by Julia.

  16. Emilio Gonzalez Pastoriza 19/10/2021

    Hola 🖐️ aquí un amigo 🇪🇦

  17. Jeff Thomas 24/10/2021

    Amazing and original. A beautiful version of this timeless masterpiece.

  18. Patverine 15/11/2021

    beautiful voice great song great melody that goes to the heart just beautiful. I love it😍

  19. Tony Eastick 21/11/2021

    Came after hearing this on caspersights video 😍 wow! What a voice! Sends chills down my spine

  20. ecommoy 30/12/2021

    Vraiment bof , aucune émotion a mon goût

  21. john-boy walton 11/01/2022

    Greetings from Germany,i like your Covers…

  22. kristian dahl 23/03/2022

    Amazing job; would be interseting to see you take on Charlie Daniels

  23. Vlad'o'rama Geek Tech 03/04/2022

    Du är ju bara helt magisk alltså! Wow

  24. James East 07/04/2022

    A song that is so haunting,nice job. From CAJUN country USA. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  25. Mike King 24/04/2022

    Aww sorry that you lost one of your boots! lol….. Love you, take care, and keep up the good work!

  26. Evan R 28/04/2022

    You are the best guys ❤ Please covwer this one if you can Subtronics – Into Pieces (feat. Grabbitz) (Acoustic Version)

  27. Jared Collins 30/04/2022

    I can not believe you actually went there with me. I'm a lone wolf.


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