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HAUSER – Nessun Dorma

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From the debut album CLASSIC
HAUSER performing Nessun Dorma by Giacomo Puccini

Filmed by Medvid production

Huge thanks to SO DO / El Sistema Croatia, wonderful young musicians for appearing in the video.


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22 Kommentare

  1. Merrily Munson 17/04/2022

    What a wonderful opportunity for these young musicians, they will never forget this day…

  2. janes siqueira 18/04/2022

    Obrigado Hauser. Maravilhosooooo

  3. Jeanette Korzenko 19/04/2022

    How did I miss this video? I probably just listened. What an awesome piece..it makes me think of Pavoratti

  4. 冰凉的小手 21/04/2022

    我的手机来电铃声 用的HAUSER的这个曲子

  5. Kristy Raines 24/04/2022

    Have you ever heard a song that was played so well that it actually made you hold your breath? Well, this is one of those songs. It actually tightened the muscles in my stomach and chest. Hauser, you have become one of my favorite artists. I asked one of the Bocelli family members, whose music he listened to and enjoyed. He said, "Hauser". So I started following you and now I see why you were his favorite. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  6. Laura Sinigaglia 26/04/2022

    Círculo de infinitas gracias 🙏

  7. Olivia Anderson 28/04/2022

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

  8. Judy O. 29/04/2022

    I do believe this is just ‘one’ of Stjepan Hauser’s most excellent performances!! 🎻👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😃🏆

  9. MULHER MARAVILHA 30/04/2022

    Liiiiiiiindo…… essas músicas nos elevam ao Pai Abba Pai Deus Supremo e Senhor da Terra…..te amo Cristo Jesus…..

  10. Randa Khawam 01/05/2022

    love it . perfect music. the kids were sensational . Bravoooo

  11. Rima Estrin 01/05/2022

    Браво .До чего красиво все организовано . Замечательная Музыка .!!!

  12. Aida Lazcano 02/05/2022

    ,Este video lo he visto desde que se filmó hace 2 años y siempre que lo veo me estremece y lloro,me parece una ejecución magnífica me fascina la conexión con los jóvenes es tan hermoso,gracias Maestro!!!

  13. Eli Rossi 02/05/2022

    Brividi! Sempre brividi, anche se l'ascoltassi un milione di volte. Puccini mi fa questo effetto, ma Hauser!…Brrrrrr!

  14. Ирина Горожа 03/05/2022

    Идеально по всем параметрам. Маэстро, Браво! Успехов на данном поприще! 👏👏👏🌍🌎💯☑️

  15. Jacqueline Bregar 05/05/2022

    Una de mis piezas musicales favoritas!. No puedo evitar emocionarme cada vez que veo este video, mi pequeña toca violín… felicitaciones a todos estos jóvenes músicos y por supuesto al maestro Hauser, que ha logrado con su talento, carisma, visión y pasión encantar a mucha gente que ya ni siquiera escuchaba música clásica.

  16. Thérèse Nouar 05/05/2022

    Magnifique à voir. Merci ❤ ❤ ❤

  17. Elisabeth Ketting 07/05/2022

    What a magnificent performance with the youth it was so emotional it brought me to tears thank you to all the participant and the best Celloplayer

  18. semat7 07/05/2022

    This moved me to tears for ALL the right reasons!


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