Russland Sanktionen: "Noch so ein Sieg, und wir sind verloren!"

Germany – Ich Hatt' einen Kameraden (tribute to Dr.Ludwig)

MILITARY SONG – ENGLISH: I had a comrade music: Friedrich Silcher 1825 lyrics: Ludwig Uhland 1808 – CREDITS – made using …


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22 Kommentare

  1. TheGasMaskGuy 04/08/2019

    We shall honor our fallen Comerade, Dr Ludwig, by fighting the autocracy of Youtube and their ways of silencing any voice who disagrees! Fight with your words, give them power in our fight against censorship.

  2. Vitor B. Macarthy 06/08/2019

    Einen YOUTUBE

  3. Reece 06/08/2019

    It makes me incredibly mad that Dr. Ludwig and Derovolk's channels have been deleted. There's nothing wrong with anthems and marching songs or patriotic tunes. YouTube is always going after folks who did nothing wrong instead of fixing the problems inherent to their site. I just hope somehow that Derovolk and Dr. Ludwig will be reinstated. With everything going on, it's gotten me really worried about your channel and Norweigan Barons channel, along with all the other anthem channels. Hopefully YouTube comes to their senses.

  4. Science_Wolf 08/08/2019

    the date of the film's insertion is great, August 1, 2019, 75th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising

  5. b olech 13/08/2019

    He has a cult following at this point

  6. J 13/09/2019

    0 deslikes. Today was a good day.

  7. Andy W. 15/09/2019

    Danke dir, Dr. Ludwig! Wir werden an dich denken.

  8. Someone 20/09/2019

    Er beauftragt einen Anwalt, um dies zu lösen. YouTube sollte aufhören, weil sie unsere Kultur zerstören!

  9. Robert Walters 13/10/2019

    would be good to explain the choice of colors in the flag !!! … I know ( because of my German heritage) but most people don't know !!!

  10. Not Funny 21/10/2019

    Ich am going to cry 🙁 Ludwig no

  11. Der Apotheker 21/10/2019

    God bless the Good Doctor. God bless you all. Deutschland ist in unseren Herzen 🇩🇪🇩🇪💕

  12. Normal Sabaton Fan 06/11/2019

    Im the only guy who has the original SS marchier in fiendesland song

  13. Dr. Ludwig 04/02/2020

    Guys all my videos are set to private now until the 9th/ 10th of March, then I will try to return! Thanks my dear buddy for making this video!

  14. qrayka 07/03/2020

    Dr.Ludwig good comrade, i rememmber his patriotism.

  15. Wolfy 04/11/2020

    Always liked the German flag with the Eagle

  16. Tika Sen 31/12/2021

    Endlich ! This song is sung by the guy with the beautiful voice !!!! Danke !


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