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Frédéric Chopin – Variations on a Theme by Rossini

A rare and magnificent opportunity to hear and see original nineteenth century instruments. A Louis Lot Flute, number 435, made …


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44 Kommentare

  1. Pierre Veniot 02/09/2013

    Perfect interpretation, is this flute a G# closed or open?…

  2. Matthew Leung 12/07/2014

    that flute sounds so unique !!!!!!

  3. Glenn D'Abreo 26/09/2014

    Unremarkable piece. A third year composition student could have written these. Perhaps Federic should stuck to the keyboard….

  4. S G 29/12/2014

    She's so static, staring at the same spot too o_O

  5. Ed Flaspoehler 29/01/2015

    A very nice flute, well played – apparently from memory. This is a standard piece of flute repertoire.

  6. JoshJNYC 05/02/2015

    I cannot believe how incredible this flute sounds…what a treasure! (And at modern pitch!) This is just stunning…brava, Elizabeth!

  7. René Blom 10/02/2015

    Obviously this is an early musical piece by Frédéric Chopin, composed at the age of 14 – two years before he entered the Academy of Music in Warsaw. Most likely this piece was originally written for domestic use, possibly with his father playing the flute part and his mother playing the very easy (and quite simple) piano part. Personally, I don't believe that Chopin's variations on a theme by Rossini were ever intended for the salons or concert halls. 😉

    But – nevertheless – I really enjoyed listening to this beautiful performance by Elizabeth Walker and Richard Shaw. 🙂

  8. Andrew Nolan 27/05/2015

    very nice, I would say for a modern Boehm flautist the late 19C ring -key flute is the easiest conical flute to play to try to get into the earlier sound – world. These variations in Emajor/minor C1830 would have written for a simple system flute, with at least 4 keys.

  9. jayster.k.wiseguy 20/09/2015

    I'm on the floor gasping for air…~

  10. Tutti Lynn 06/10/2015

    I wish people would stop being so negative. Yes, it's an early composition by Chopin, yes, it most likely was written as a practice piece for the young composer. I would love to have the opportunity to play this flute. What a treat to be able to hear it. Elizabeth Walker plays beautifully, is not static at all for I see great expression as well as hear beautiful expression. One should not jump around or move a great deal while performing. Just watch James Galway. Beautifully played!!!!!!

  11. itis theflute 19/12/2015

    Excellent playing Elizabeth Walker! What a wonderful tone; what timbre; what effortless elegance, flexibility and sensitivity. Played with ease and suppleness!

  12. Jerk Johnson 29/04/2016

    Absolutely beautiful! 🙂

  13. - Krugos - 05/05/2016

    This was very beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  14. Gustavo Félix 11/07/2016

    Elizabeth, you are the best! 🙂

  15. rustydog1236 11/12/2016

    is that the Dorus open g#? I've heard of it but never seen it. it certainly looks. I can't tell how it works.

  16. Onbehaard 08/01/2017

    I enjoyed this a great deal. Not played this for years so I'm going to dig my copy out and have another go.

    Richard Shaw is a fantastic and a supportive accompanist.

  17. Peter Baxter 30/05/2017

    Ah – the acoustically perfect Dorus G# key.  Nobody seems to have incorporated it into a modern flute.

  18. George Fazakas 24/09/2017

    Absoluitely beautifull and I wish that more flutists would return to wood?

  19. Park P 19/11/2017

    맑고 아름다운 소리~ thank you~

  20. Margaret 21/01/2019

    Przepięknie! Szopen – talent nad talenty! 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

  21. magicmonkichi 10/06/2020

    …ok…I'm done…I give up….that was just too good!

  22. Karen Simmons 21/01/2021

    Mozart wrote this when he was 14 y/o.

  23. Erin Choi 11/02/2021

    Wow! This is beautiful! I really love the pure sound of the flute~

  24. David Klein 12/02/2021

    That flute sounds incredible!

  25. Fred Cory 27/02/2021

    The only way to play this genre of music today is in an off-the-cuff, even caricature manner. The performance is excellent but ya can't take this music seriously.

  26. Kate Hunt 22/04/2021

    This is one of my all-time favourite videos! So beautiful. I never get tired of listening to it.

  27. Amelia Lu 04/05/2021

    Anyone noticed that the strange thing happened at 1:37

  28. Barbara Lininger Ross 22/11/2021

    What beautiful, excellent music and both flute and piano playing!! A real joy to hear! Thank you so much for providing the opportunity!!

  29. Jenifer Swanson 06/01/2022

    Such a sweet beautiful sound ❤️


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