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Fiddler on the Roof–Wedding/Bottle Dance

The Baylor University Theatre presents „Fiddler on the Roof.“

I am featured on clarinet during the Bottle Dance, performing with a „Klezmer“ style. Throughout the cadenza and dance, I use a variety of ornamentation, glissandi, tone-bends, distortion of tone, and growls.



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12 Kommentare

  1. Glenn Hart 09/08/2018

    Wonderful clarinet accompaniment to this great rendition of the bottle-dance scene!

  2. Han Solo 09/06/2019

    There are so many wrong notes in the orchestra

  3. Damian Sagastume 17/09/2019

    Who did the choreography for this? Is it the original?

  4. Oonagh Reid 26/12/2020

    That must be one of the most hardest dance's to do.

  5. momv2pa 12/07/2021

    Fantastic-first stage performance of this dance I’ve seen. One of my favorite musicals ever! Great job!

  6. Abhijit Bhatlekar 05/09/2021

    Loved it..!!
    Even a poor tailor is entitled to some happiness. ,💕💕

  7. Dafoe 12/04/2022

    what about the lady on the far right? haha she didnt want to dance


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