Russland Sanktionen: "Noch so ein Sieg, und wir sind verloren!"

Fiddler on the roof – The Bottle Dance

just enjoy it


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  1. 1234BEYOND 05/02/2012

    a question for @PaNdAbEaR618100 when is the official jewish Passover? From 6 pm Friday to 6 pam Saturday? I want to pass this info to my daughter. Please answer if you can.

  2. sirbrightonbricks 10/02/2012

    @zoltri11 you really didn't get what he was trying to say with that do u?

  3. hisvorpalsword 19/03/2012

    Quite possibly the best thing ever put on film.

  4. 91thewatcher23 04/04/2012

    Thank you. I'm a Christian, and I can honestly say amen to that. 😉

  5. LuC1F3R_ 24/04/2012

    Say what you say about Jews, but it seems that they know how to party..

  6. IBTwist 04/05/2012

    My marching band is playing songs from this movie for our 2012 show 🙂 this is our closer :DD

  7. Erik Strauss 22/06/2012

    This video needs to raise the volume UP!!

  8. p 06/07/2012

    That's not what people said in the 1940 :/

  9. Mirren Berkley 16/07/2012

    my brther was one of the bottle dancers in his school play and he tought me how to bottle dance 🙂

  10. ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ 25/07/2012

    2:12 – dudes, time to get epic!

  11. revolvergames1 31/08/2012

    i'm crazy about this film, i'd love to see a live performance of the bottle dance!

  12. Aimee Weyrauch 14/09/2012

    I just learned this last night! My knees are a mess from it, but it is seriously so much fun to do!!

  13. Ajith Kumar K C 17/09/2012

    One of my favourite movies. I love the songs. This dance sequesnce is simply fantastic.

  14. Abner Doubleday 28/09/2012

    This was great, the next Jewish wedding I hear about I'm getting a case of Manischewitz wine and a yamaka and going!

  15. Abby Forman 18/10/2012

    live anywhere near southend-on-sea england? Im in a show of Fiddler on the Roof, Cliffs Pavilion

  16. Alex Krauth 03/11/2012

    I want this played and danced at my wedding even though I'm blind! I just love the music and the energy regardless!

  17. Yvonne Estrada 08/12/2012

    Yo no soy Judia pero su arte es espectacular y creo que los defiendo siempre debido a esta película. I´am not a jew but his art is awesome, I defend the jewish people because of this movie, god bless you all.

  18. Little Asian Penis 18/02/2013

    barbra streisand nose can be seen from russian space station

  19. Mike Shulman 04/03/2013

    Was the Bottle Dance first performed in the show or is it a Russian or Jewish custom at weddings?

  20. Marcos Duarte 10/03/2013

    2:27… Do The Harlem Shake!

  21. Shawn H 01/04/2013

    Funny, I,m not even Jewish and I had to look at that very scene 2:11 because I remembered it as a child and thought it was cool

  22. chengloki 07/06/2013

    I am not Jewish. But I love your culture and your music. =Stefan=

  23. Rylie Michelle 13/06/2013

    I have to learn this for my town's production of fiddler.
    I am going to cry.

  24. Mandee Sparkle 24/06/2013

    The wedding in its entirety is my favorite part of the movie.

  25. Amy Guarino 10/07/2013

    In this show right now, and the guys playing the bottle dancers are actually doing it. There's nothing except their own balance keeping the bottles on their heads. We're all supposed to be acting like we're in awe of it, but I can say that our reactions are all real during that scene. They always nail it, and it never ceases to be amazing to watch.

  26. cartoonperson42 11/07/2013

    Indeed – 2:11 onward NEVER ceases to amaze me………

  27. chengloki 08/09/2013

    Why should anyone have so much so much hatred for such a beautiful people. I just don't understand. When I retired from the Navy, Don and his wife gave us a place to live. (They were Jewish), I am not. They did not charge us rent, until I got a job. They refused to take the rent money before I got a job. Joice, was almost a 2nd mother to us. A beautiful woman. I WILL DEDFEND THE JEWISH PEOPLE!!! =Stefan=

  28. Moochling Art 11/10/2013

    That crescendo at 2:01 …. *chills*

  29. love2surf505 24/11/2013

    What the hell is wrong with the 23 people that disliked this?  Seriously??  What in the hell?  This dancing is just incredible – especially starting at 2:01!

  30. Juan Martinez 30/11/2013

    la haim le yisrael!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Daniel Smith 02/01/2015

    I am a 49 year old woman and someday,I WILL be able to do this dance in Heaven! So beautiful,it makes me cry with Joy! For now,I will enjoy others dancing to this glorious music!

  32. Bob Cumbers 07/01/2015

    how can jews dance so well with their cloven hooves?

  33. mohoosier 28/12/2015

    tremendous scene from a tremendous movie!

  34. Stephanos A Kontogouris 14/11/2016

    i am here because of Scanlan's dance while charmed in MoonBrush forest the Feywild 😉

  35. Ike Christensen 03/03/2017

    Here for the clarinet, to be honest. Could really care less about the dance.

  36. Milo Johnson 21/04/2017

    santa clara vanguard anyone?

  37. Peter Thompson 31/05/2018

    The last thing real Orthodox Jews are going to do is a bottle dance. Or wild gyration dancing, or a mad armlocked march (especially during the Vietnam War) Just saying. They're not big drinkers. I would think the Orthodox would rather be dancing a waltz or something to some fancy symphonic recital. I guess they dance a sort of line dance nowadays…

  38. H Alperin 10/01/2020

    The one with the beard is honestly the best

  39. Battlefield 1 guru 24/11/2020

    Technology has destroyed our tight nit communities ☹️


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