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Commando – Green Beret Fight Scene (1985)

I eat green berets for breakfast. One of the best fight scenes from the movie Commando. Take a quiz at the end of the video to see …


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  1. The Chonkers King 31/12/2021

    In the other hotel room the girl was BEHIND the guy. Anyone else think that's just a wee bit sus?

  2. cabbievonbump 03/01/2022

    They took Cook's car, because he wasn't going to need it.

  3. Evelyn Wills 08/01/2022

    Right through his left lung! That's sick!

  4. Renegade Ace 10/01/2022

    Why was the girl in the other room on top like that? Pegging?

  5. Khaled Edrees 11/01/2022

    Who are the guys 2 and 6?

  6. Seefa Home 18/01/2022

    3rd: Kyle Reese
    4th: The Terminator

  7. Player187 22/01/2022

    Noone gonna comment he lifted the dude by the balls and threw him?!

  8. Axi Baximillion 23/01/2022

    This movie is like a parody of the 80s…made in the 1980s ? XD

  9. RyuDaBurninator 23/01/2022

    1:56 Dude was getting Pegged. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. Jeremy G Foots 24/01/2022

    That was definitely a ruff way to check out! ✔

  11. eze pel 29/01/2022

    Please arnold , stop, dont be better than SLY

  12. Max McClane 29/01/2022

    "Fuck you asshole"
    Gun's empty
    "Fuck YOU asshole"
    Best part

  13. George 29/01/2022

    Yeah Arnie looked scared

  14. R - TYPE 29/01/2022

    After Cook dies – "TALK!!!" lol 🤣 I don't care about your impalement!

  15. Isaac Stancil 30/01/2022

    Both these guys from predators

  16. Daniel Webb 03/02/2022

    The dude getting pegged by a strap on is the greatest thing ive seen in a cheap 80s action movie legend has it that its still inside him they haven't moved

  17. Sahil Prakash 05/02/2022

    1:40 John Matrix: I eat Green Berets for breakfast and right now I'm very hungry

  18. Liam Taylor 27/02/2022

    2:32 joel from the last of us should give him some tips on how to deal with being impaled

  19. Randomsprite75 27/02/2022

    0:37 At first, I thought she was gonna slap him.

  20. dnasty312 28/02/2022

    2:06 …and you've had your six.

  21. Nial Westwood 28/02/2022

    The guy in the motel bed with Ava Cadell, lucky lucky man

  22. bodie of ci5 28/02/2022

    Erm… she was doing the bloke with a strap on while filming it…

    Wouldn't thid graphic murder be on tape, or would it be considered a snuff movie now? 😀 😀

  23. DJ 01/03/2022

    The noise he made when he got stabbed correction impaled

  24. Tevin mabry 01/03/2022

    Arnold Schwarzenegger is a great actress in that movie

  25. Benjamin Gordon 06/03/2022

    Note that's the same guy from menace 2 society, see here, now u see now, u did fucked up know dat dont u!!!! Lofl

  26. Paul Frehley 06/03/2022

    "Fuck you, Asshole…..*click*


  27. Andrew Barsky 09/03/2022

    The movie sucks, but is also hilariously fucking great. It’s bad, but also amazing.

  28. dre 0924p 20/03/2022

    I can't believe this macho bullshit.

  29. Jonathan Carpenter 23/03/2022

    "This green beret's gonna kick yo ass!" "I eat green berets' for breakfast"

  30. Rambo 31/03/2022

    I feel bad for the guy getting intimate with his girlfriend lol

  31. Ben Stevinson 04/04/2022

    This is Hilarious!!! Lol lol 😂🤣👍

  32. Ant@youtube 12/04/2022

    COOKE: you scared mother fucker well you should be cause this green beret is going to kick your big ass


  33. Caelan Shpak 16/04/2022

    Are you telling me the man and the woman didn't hear those pistol shots through that door Hotel walls are paper thin and if you've ever shot them in a closed room the noise really echoes

  34. Johann Albrecht 18/04/2022

    Any carry on luggage?

    Just him.

  35. Pedo Bear 18/04/2022

    Back then cheesy lines like these made a movie funny. Today, it just makes movies look cringy.

  36. Michael Nix Jr. Family Members 24/04/2022

    Bill Duke movies including Menace II Society, and National Security.

  37. Pokerface1337 27/04/2022

    I remember seeing this one when it came out. I was but a kid back in the 80s (born 78) and these action movies were our daily bread and butter. Cheesy as hell and I loved it then, as I love it now 🙂

  38. Jaeger Mann 07/05/2022

    2:32 Batman after beating the chromosomes out of someone “Now talk!”


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