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Beethoven Sonata # 14 "Moonlight" Op. 27 No. 2 Valentina Lisitsa

Hello all. This is the original complete recording of the Sonata the way it was meant to be. Back in those days there was a 10 minutes file limit and therefore I had to split performance in 2 parts. The 3rd movement went viral while the first file did not. Playlist does not work in the opposite way and there are hundreds of channels that stole my recording and rebroadcast it in full. So I should have it published as it was played. Enjoy! I think when performed complete the concept of the performance is different.
00:01 I. Adagio sostenuto
05:17 II. Allegretto
07:35 III. Presto agitato


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29 Kommentare

  1. liberty tree 04/03/2022

    This was the first "difficult" piece I learned when I was 12. I never learned to play well, but I felt so accomplished when I learned this. Thank you for this lovely posting, and what is probably, with Fur Elise, the intro to classical music for most young children on their piano. If I had heard this 50 years ago I would have practiced twice as hard.

  2. Will K 04/03/2022

    This gives me hope for humanity. We care capable of such beauty, our species. Thank you for this Valentina.

  3. Gregory Cox 04/03/2022

    Holy smoke! Right from Beethoven's eternal soul, through you, and out your fingertips! Transportive and deeply spiritual. Unearthly beauty in every note. Brava!

  4. Joop Vandervoort 07/03/2022

    After Horowitz the best there is!

  5. H-BA Togidubnus 09/03/2022

    Why would you spoil this with adverts throughout??? What a fucking sick society we live in.

  6. Steve Mitchell 09/03/2022

    this woman has dynomite in her fingers.

  7. Paul Cutcliffe 10/03/2022

    Wow. That's one hell of a performance.

  8. Mike Clarke 13/03/2022

    you tube are CRETINOUS for putting ads half way through the first movement PISSED here 🙁

  9. * Rückenwind 15/03/2022

    she plays it faster than Wilhelm 🙂

  10. PL 16/03/2022

    Too slow and lethargic, like virtually everyone else plays this movement. Sorry, but it's 'Cut Time'. the right hand melody is an ethereal 'dream' of hopeless desire , floating above the tragically inescapable black hole of the C# Minor harmony in the left hand.

  11. Василий. Ус 17/03/2022

    Аплодисменты 👌👌👌👌👌

  12. Алёшка Емельянов 19/03/2022

    Master. Парикмахер

    Ваш тихий мотив разговора,
    Ваш запах, заботливость слов,
    как марля с лечебным раствором
    на хмурый, болеющий лоб!

    Хоть Вы тут всего лишь служанка
    (Мы, впрочем, все слуги Земли!),
    но к Вам дух пришёл спозаранку,
    а значит, царевен Ваш лик!

    Пред Вами сгибаю колени
    и вниз потуплённо смотрю,
    как в зале самой королевы,
    какую я боготворю!

    И с просьбами к Вам обращаясь,
    на час превращаюсь в раба,
    вниманьем, красой восхищаясь
    и краской на дольках-губах.

    Кудесница гребня и ножниц,
    стригущая с лаской святой
    плебеев, рабынь и вельможниц,
    героев и люд остальной.

    Владелица тонкого дела
    и славно-магических рук.
    Я им доверяю всецело
    бунтарский, косматый недуг.

  13. Jay Clifton 25/03/2022

    Did Beethoven play that fast 👍🏻???

  14. Erik Varos 25/03/2022

    Some people have perfect pitch. She has perfect tempo.

  15. Armelle Feuvrier 02/04/2022

    Xk b be cgbkhhty I’ll g do 🍬🧶

  16. Rowland Starkey 06/04/2022

    What a performance. She makes it all sounds and look so easy. Wonderful

  17. Every body pomarancze 07/04/2022

    Standing ovation, your 3rd movement is just outstanding

  18. Joel MacInnes 07/04/2022

    I can't choose between Lisitsa and Kempff!

  19. Franco Bortoluzzi 15/04/2022

    Belissimo muito molto buono.

  20. Internet Privacy Advocate 16/04/2022

    A barn burning performance for sure. Valentina, you are very special. You really are a gift to the not so free world.

  21. Светлана Дем 17/04/2022

    Великолепно! Впервые слышу такого Бетховена! Спасибо!!!

  22. Tortuosit of Tapiola 18/04/2022

    4:34 My favourite part of Mvmt 1, when the left hand plays a sombre note while the right goes up and down, it could go on forever.

  23. Jeroen Simons 19/04/2022

    Not to be weird or anything, but anyone else thinks this is a perfect song for endings?


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