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Beethoven "Moonlight" Sonata, III "Presto Agitato" Valentina Lisitsa

Recording in Beethovensaal, Hannover Germany, Dec 2009. Wilhelm Kempff recorded Beethoven cycle in the very same hall.


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  1. Thucydides Neo 22/04/2022

    Men usually play with better technique because they have larger hands (longer fingers). But Lisitsa is rare among women as she has a pair of unusually long-fingered hands. She also so tall she looks like a man in that trousered outfit.

  2. etmax1 22/04/2022

    What a deceptively complex piece of music played so well. I feel so honoured to have been able to experience this in my lifetime.

  3. CARLROYAL 23/04/2022

    !!Bravo Maestra, hermosa, preciosa Valentina, talentosisima "Mujeron" como decimos en Mexico, simplemente maravilloso, genial !!Perfecto!!, hace vibrar al 100 %, su pareja e hijos han de estar muy orgullosos, tambien su padre debe edtar orgullosi de tener una linda hija tan talentosa!!.

  4. BelieverRaymond 23/04/2022

    Valentina owes me a new piano. After she used mine it spontaneously combusted. Keys overheated I guess.

  5. ~wuu joo 23/04/2022

    I think its name shouldn’t be “Moonlighg sonata” it should be “Flight of the Moonlight bug” lmao

  6. Alberto Alejandro Durán Rivera 24/04/2022

    Me encanta esta composición, y cada cierto tiempo me encanta volver aquí y ver nuevamente esta maravillosa interpretación. Me hace un nudo la garganta y me llena de fuego el alma escuchar la furia y melancolía que transmiten.
    Felicidades por tu ejecución, Valentina. Saludos desde el norte de México.

  7. Dominic Kealey 24/04/2022

    Just fucking brilliant. Brava Valentina.

  8. Charles He 25/04/2022

    OMG. Where's the clapping? Best version of Moonlight I have ever heard. Thanks from China!!

  9. Burt Reynolds 25/04/2022

    This is what happens when natural talent meets obsession. What a gift she is.

  10. Brownsy67 26/04/2022

    That was very well done. Watching your fingers dance across the keys was mesmerizing. Thank you.

  11. Bobaxplaysbloxy 26/04/2022

    Wow it’s very impressive I am learning this song rn 😀

  12. Classy Classic 26/04/2022

    This is my favourite sonata, I have heard it an awful lot and this must have to be one of the worst performance. Stop racing and playing so fast you are losing the notes and the feeling. Awful!

  13. Emily Caroline 27/04/2022

    Meu coração não aguenta ❤️😍

  14. SHK Cubing 27/04/2022

    this piece gives me goosebumps even though I've listened to it a thousand times

  15. DonPandemoniac 27/04/2022

    I once read that the pinky finger is just about redundant for a human, such nonsense.

  16. Ter 27/04/2022

    I always get back to this video because it really doesnt get any better than this. This is the pinacle. Amazing work

  17. dato tavartkiladze 27/04/2022

    grubaia manera ispolnenia, ojidal bolshego no uvi.

  18. eddymcpre 28/04/2022

    Imagine being able to play this. Fantastic, she strokes that piano so purely. Probably better than Beethoven lol I love this! Art

  19. eddymcpre 28/04/2022

    A masterclass in how to tame this piano beast. Makes it look like a 147 in snooker, she's absolutely perfect. Incredible, natural talent

  20. Wilheim Navarro 28/04/2022

    Espectacular pianista, me hace recordar a mi Sra. Madre que está en el cielo y era Concertista y toca esta y muchas piezas mas.

  21. chazm3 29/04/2022

    If you follow along with the score you can easily see what is being missed by playing it too fast like this.

  22. 정현주 29/04/2022


  23. j k 29/04/2022

    Sometimes I wish I could, for once, watch her play this piece from up close, but then I realize probably my heart would not be able to handle the awe and the goosebumps. For 4 years I come and watch her play once in few weeks, and since last year decided to play the piece myself. After trying myself I realized she was far greater than I ever could have imagined.

  24. Михаил Абубакиров 29/04/2022

    Thank you!
    Летяще-плывущие руки!

  25. Landon’s Channel 30/04/2022

    I imagine this is the 18th century version of Alanis Morsette break up songs… instead of “I hope you feel my nails running down someone else’s back…” it’s 3rd movement beeotches

  26. Kaori Drome 30/04/2022

    Such a talented pianist!


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