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Barry Sadler – Greatest Hits (FULL ALBUM – BEST OF COUNTRY)

01- Letter From Vietnam 00:11
02- I’m A Lucky One 02:44
03- I’m Watching the Raindrops Fall 05:31
04- Lullaby 07:40
05- Saigon 10:09
06- The Soldier Has Come Home 12:34
07- The Battle Of The Green Berets 15:22

Barry Sadler – Greatest Hits (FULL ALBUM)
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Barry Allen Sadler (November 1, 1940 – November 5, 1989) was an American soldier, singer/songwriter, and author. Sadler served as a Green Beret medic, achieving the rank of Staff Sergeant. He served in the Vietnam War from late December 1964 to late May 1965. Most of his work has a military theme, and he is best known for his „Ballad of the Green Berets,“ a #1 hit in 1966.

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24 Kommentare

  1. Glenda Hilsinger 15/11/2020

    I have his album, have had it since it came out. I still listen to it. My husband was with the 5th special Forces, served in vietnam during yet offensive. He passed away in 2000.. the Ballad of the green Beret was played at his funeral. Thank you Barry Sadler for your service.

  2. Faith 20/12/2020

    I do not think Trisha Year wood knew when she sang "The Song Remembers when" how much this will leave its mark on so many Soldiers who have served and made it back, yet hearing the "cries from beyond" for the Ghosts~Spirits of dead men. Godspeed

  3. Vonda 18/01/2021

    My dad served in the army and missed vietnam by a month. And I thank God every day! He lost a brother and many friends there. And suffered with survivors guilt for years. I have nothing but respect for all veterans but especially the ones whom,were Never given the respect they deserved. Thank God they have been finally got the respect they deserved all the years ago!

  4. Butch Smith 23/01/2021

    Absolutely I agree with you wholeheartedly thank you for your service

  5. Tim Martin 03/04/2021

    I served with the 196th Light Infantry Brigade from Dec. 66' to Dec. 67'. Started out as a point man & a volunteer tunnel rat & was an infantry squad leader from August 67' to Dec. 67'. Survivor guilt has haunted me ever since. I will soon be 74 and the memories still haunt me.

  6. Tim Martin 17/04/2021

    My Captain in 1966 was Marshall Hinton. One of the finest officers I ever served under. I found out in 2003 that he served another tour in 1968-1969. He was promoted to Major after that but when they tried to send him to Nam for his 3rd term he retired. I loved the Army life as a draftee but I sure didn't want to go back into combat.Pure Hell!!

  7. Tim Martin 19/04/2021

    I was drafted but signed up to go to South Viet Nam. I never told my mother that as it would have killed her. She died 5 years after I returned home at the young age of 53. I had something I wanted to prove to my father a WW II Infantry field medical doctor. He never thought I would make it home. I proved him wrong. Miss you mom & dad along with the 18 brothers of my unit. Rest In Peace, Sgt. Marty

  8. Deborah Musgrove 26/04/2021

    TY Soliders. Then, now and future

  9. Linda Holley 02/05/2021

    God Bless all who have served thank you all for your service!!!!💖🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💚💙💚💖

  10. Henry Bucki 06/05/2021

    been there. 1970 true places still remember

  11. Chuck Diesel Sneaker Head 14/05/2021

    Very good job – great image of him you used too

  12. nunya beeswax 27/05/2021

    What was the second tune where he stated the problem we have now………..all the way back near 1970?

  13. Darrell Pickerr 31/05/2021

    Bought this album so many years ago and it is my most treasured. I spent a tour in Vietnam including Cambodia. The music of Barry Sadler just brings me peace.

  14. Janet Jackson 05/06/2021

    Beautiful voice who gave his all during the Vietnam war..may he rip for all hes done for our great USA..

  15. Willard Breedlove 25/06/2021

    I may not have been able to serve with you guys but I have the greatest respect for all of you and as a civil war reenactor I would like to say to everyone of you that served Thank you for your service from my family, friends and fellow reenactors, and to all of you that are serving right now stay safe and we all are with you. Lt. Willard Breedlove 19th TN Inf.

  16. originalskin1971 19/07/2021

    Dear Lord please renew our American spirit. Amen

  17. Francesco Alcozer 19/07/2021

    Barry Sadler with his "Ballad of the Green Berets" has achieved a great international reputation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vemF2A-T7jk BALLAD OF THE 💚GREEN BERETS Song by Barry Sadler – guitar cover versdion by Duane 🎸Eddy

  18. Jay Walker 13/10/2021

    A true American hero plus very good with a pistol !!!

  19. IT is, what IT is 16/10/2021

    Barry Sadler's Albums and CASCA…❤🎗

  20. Velinda Stevens 06/01/2022

    Beautiful wow good night and God bless


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