Russland Sanktionen: "Noch so ein Sieg, und wir sind verloren!"

'Any Day Now' – Fiddler on the Roof – Previously Unreleased

‚Any Day Now‘ – Previously Unreleased Demo from the 30th Anniversary Edition (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Recording) …


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23 Kommentare

  1. PanJeziora 30/01/2008

    damn, but glaser has wonderful voice!:)

  2. Darla 19/02/2008

    paulie's so adorable!! 😀 this is great…thank you…

  3. Tom Emanuel 19/04/2008

    This is such a great song – I still think the Russian Revolution was mostly an excuse to write rousing revolutionary songs like this. It's a shame they left it out of the final cut – it's a shame they left out its stage counterpart "Now I Have Everything" too. Paul Michael Glaser was so great as Perchek, they should've given him more to do.

  4. mightisright 05/02/2009

    Wonderful! I love odes to genocide!

  5. Eluned Woods 09/02/2009

    I never get bored hearing this song, yes it is a shame it s not in the film, its a really good foottapper!

  6. nhpest 11/03/2009

    im gonna be pershik in the play @ school….but imma girl

  7. Ribzlibz 15/11/2009

    Of course: Didnt you pay attention to his interpretation of the bible? 😛

  8. Nancy Van Kessel 20/12/2010

    Wow, I had no idea idea this song was part of the original soundtrack. Paul Michael Glaser has a pretty decent voice! He's more that just a pretty face! (Complete and total Starsky & Hutch fan here!) We all knew that David Soul had that secondary "singing" career (Don't Give Up On Us, Baby) … who knew that Paul could sing?

  9. Emmett Doyle 14/04/2012

    Yes- this is confirmed by his arrest scene. Note the red flag and the anti-capitalist rhetoric. Note also, like, every line he says and view he expresses ('never trust an employer')

  10. Matthew Sarnovsky 30/05/2012

    I'm playing Perchik in a production of Fiddler this Summer, and I'm going to be fighting to get this song added. xD

  11. Splatz74 29/04/2013

    i wish it was in the movie 🙁

  12. Claudio Proteu 24/04/2014

    I'm very happy, Hodel!
    Very happy!

    I will write you a note
    "Pack your things"
    Any day now,
    Any day!

    And we'll sit and we'll smile at our
    Wedding rings,
    Any day now,
    Any day!

    For our forestalled hopes
    Will be fulfilled,
    Together what a clean and shiny world
    we'll build!

    For the dust and decay will be
    Swept away,
    Any day now!

    It will happen…
    Yes, the river will rise and the
    Dam will burst!
    Any day now,
    Any day!

    And the first will be last
    and the
    Last be first,
    Any day now,
    Any day!

    When a million of hands will be untied,
    A million doors and windows will be opened wide!

    And the chains will be snapped and the
    Whips be burned,
    And the
    Swords be turned into plowshares!
    Any day now,
    Any day!

    And the first will be last and the
    Last be first!
    Any day now,
    Any day!

    When a million hands will be untied,
    A million doors and windows will be opened wide!
    And the storm will subside
    And the
    Thunder cease
    And the
    Sound of peace shall surround us!
    Any day now,
    Any day!

  13. Claudio Proteu 24/04/2014

    I like this song for it embodies the deepest hope of the non-religious, non-Zionist Jew in the 1905 Czarist Empire: that the upcoming revolution (there was a first one that very year) would free not only his people from discrimination and opression, but also the all the peoples of Russia, and build a new world. For a time, it happened. And even under a new opression, life became better than before by 1971 for the great majority of workers in the then USSR. A shame most Russian Jews immigrated before 1917, after it and for economical reasons also after 1991, to Israel. Those who didn't were persecuted by Stalinists or killed by Nazis or lost their cultural identity. Perchik was most probably a Social-Revolutionary, since he did propaganda work among peasants and was, quite in the Narodnik tradition, ready for direct action and self-denfense. The Bolsheviks were a minority in the revolutionary movement until at least 1918, but by modern standards Perchik would be ssen as radical. However, in the midst of the Cold War, the Civil Rights Movement and the beggining of peace Movement in 1964, there was no way this song could get into a Broadway play in the USA. It sounded too Red then. Even in 1971, when the movie was made, American troops were still in Vietnam and Nixon was president and the deténte did not exist yet. It would take till 1982, with "Reds", before socialists could be presented as nice guys in a Hollywood Motion Picture.

  14. Chris Westergaard 12/05/2014

    It has a nice tune, but I don't think the singer wasn't the best choice (nothing against him)

  15. markdask 24/06/2015

    What kind of bullshit is this – nothing to to with fiddlers – go fuck your cheap self – how dare you

  16. tyytler whoknows 23/10/2015

    to markdask…not very well educated are you. The fiddler on the roof is a metaphor for the precarious life this and all other jewish families lived due to the pograms visited upon them by the Russians.

  17. Tweedlebean 07/02/2017

    I get this stuck in my head every time anyone says "any day now"

  18. modernwarfare 29/12/2018

    Just curious where would this song have fit into if added to the film?

  19. kayleen koffkey 31/01/2021

    How can I download this song?

  20. Saartje05 16/08/2021

    Fiddler on the Roof was on tv a few weeks ago. Eventhough I have the dvd too it was great to watch. Fantastic movie. I was shocked finding out how 'old' Topol (Tevye) really was. Only 36!!!

  21. jasobres 30/12/2021

    This was added into the Yiddish production as a song Perchik sings to Shprintze and Bielke in act one.

  22. bridget graham 23/01/2022

    i listened to this song when i was nine and now i’m a communist


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