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20 blues violin licks for "House of the rising Sun"; a blues violin lesson.

In this blues violin lesson, I show the basic melody of the traditional song „House of the Rising Sun“, made famous by The Animals in 1964. I then show 20 licks or riffs that you can use when soloing over the chord sequence. I explore the minor blues scale, the minor pentatonic scale, licks in first and third positions on the violin, the use of very simple repeated licks, false harmonics on the violin, and licks with a 6/8 feel which cuts across the 3/4 time signature.

This is one of a series of videos I have posted explaining and demonstrating blues violin techniques, many of which cross over into rock, jazz, country and bluegrass fiddle styles.

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This is a platform where anyone can help support creative artists and get closer access to their work. You can join me on Patreon at three levels, for £4, £10 or £40 per month.

At the lowest level you get access to all my pdf’s and tune collections, plus many exclusive tuition videos not available to the public.
At level 2 you can join also me once a month for a group Zoom chat, and can request a backing rack once a month.
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I have seven fiddle tuition books published by Schott, all widely available from the publisher, from Amazon, and many other outlets. All come with audio tracks illustrating the tunes and exercises.

Exploring Jazz Violin
Beginning Jazz Violin

Discovering Rock Violin

Exploring Folk Fiddle

Exploring Klezmer Fiddle

Hungarian Fiddle Tunes

French Fiddle Tunes

Exploring Country and Bluegrass Fiddle (due out October 2021)

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I have three video subscription courses

MUSIC GURUS- Exploring Jazz Violin. Based on my Schott book
Parts 1 and 2 are each £26 for 26 lessons, covering the first and second halves of the book

Part 1;
Part 2

-MUSIC GURUS- Discovering Rock Violin. . Based on my Schott book
£35 for 46 lessons


Includes a folk fiddle primer course, with introductions to basic techniques and concepts plus an Irish Fiddle Course and Scottish fiddle course. A monthly sub of $9.99 gives access to all lessons

    My website is probably the most extensive and detailed summary of fiddle styles on the web, as evidenced by the range of top hits on Google for many fiddle styles.

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